Monday 23 march 1 23 /03 /Mar 14:11
Does scoring a goal make you a good footballer?Abou Diaby, without exception, has been arsenal's WORST performer this last month. His inability to make a forward pass, his ineffectiveness at protecting the back four, his lack of quality going forward.........all of sudden he scores a goal and he's the next Vieira?!?!?!

This isnt a personal attack on Diaby (well not entirely) but for Arsene Wenger to compare him to one of the greatest ever Arsenal players is an insult to Mr Vieira himself. If Diaby goes on to be half the player Vieira was he'll become a heck of a player bu tat the moment he is not fit eniugh to clean Paddy's boots!!

I hope I am proved wrong and Diaby goes on to become a fantastic player for Arsenal but at the moment the only comparrisons that can be made between the two players is there Lexington Steele similarites.

Oh to be................
By kingkolo
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